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FIFA 09 could be the king of football games and the head of the Renesans series. This means that FIFA 10, the latest version of EA, is visibly removed from its predecessor. The FIFA 10 demonstration of the PC will show some changes "below the lid" to really improve the game. The biggest thing is the introduction of control at 360 degrees.Your players no longer move in eight directions, but whatever you want. This makes the controller more subtle and gives you more flexibility and the ability to be more creative ({{{{reviev-app-page-desktop});}); The FIFA 10 player animation is fully updated – now they're moving rightcharacter, and the dribbling looks good.
WinRAR download Your relatives also had intelligence upgrades, which made them more natural and, consequently, less. The probability of doing what you want is also improved, perhaps in response to the more extensive experience of Konami's Proami Evolution Soccer.FIFA 10 players now have "ambitions" that affect their decisions – if your team is a lot of defenders, it can be hard to convince the other because it does not play a lot that the player is a cleaner and subtle game than its predecessor FIFA 10 is a big advance and one more step to a completely realistic football.

This onethe program can no longer be downloaded. See instead FIFA 15 UT for Windows 8. FIFA14 was finally released for Windows 8 for free. EA gives the Ultimate Team the greatest attention, while some other game modes are only available when purchased through the app. FIFA 14 has an excellent interface for playing and newtouch interface (function {) {('reviev-app-page-desktop');}); This version of Windows 8 is a portable smartphone version that is ideal for touch devices and compared to the desktop version of FIFA 14, meaningful function and technical terminology.

Final team and shoppingin FIFA 14 allows you to play games in Ultimate Teams, games on a Sunday, support for your club, penalties and the Internet: With the regimes, you can challenge other players around the world, thanks to the multiplayer function. Try to beat them and grow to the world record! However, the director,Tournament, and Kick off to unlock As with PC and console versions, FIFA 14 for iPhone also returns the Game of the Dai, a feature that allows you to consider the events in the actual matches of each team. You can see injuries when players are in shape or tactics change, from time to timeThe time of the game with the appropriate updates to the team he played. FIFA 14 for Windows 8 strongly supports the Ultimate Team mode, by which your VirtualCreate and manage the team. You can participate in auctions for buying and selling players. Develop your team and your partnership betweenof their players. And of course, you can participate in games and competitions with the Ultimate Team. When you win, you get points and virtual money, so you can buy new cards to improve your team. FIFA 14 supports 33 league (Serie A, La Liga, Premier League), over 600 fully licensedteams, more than 16,000 players and 34 stadiums that are reliably created in the application. And just like you on the console version, you can get trophies and achievements when you run certain games. Interfeys games match the same style and design of the desktop version of the game, with great comfort and navigationthrough me.

The new FIFA 14 sensor control is also an input method for touch control based on motion, scrolling and tapping. The idea is interspersed, but it takes a little practice to feel safe in the controls. In this sense, the game contains a detailed tutorial where the use of new ones will be explainedcontrol. If you want to use non-touch controls, you can play the game, you control using the same methods using the mouse. If you prefer the old and classic virtual joystick, you can still choose it from the options menu. During our test, we had a better feeling with these controls,not a new gesture.

A bit better graphics, excellent soundtrack 3D graphics is good, but not great. The engine is definitely less powerful than the classic version of FIFA 14. Animations and running the players are a bit slow, but the gaming does not suffer enough. However, high speed and speed in actions in the step will improveName. "But the music in the menu is greatNew new: EA has always followed the soundtrack to the FIFA franchise.The sound effects during the game are fairly average and are not much different from previous releases. Comment (in English, Italian, Spanish, German and French) makes the game more exciting .

FIFAis finally free FIFA 14 for Windows 8 is an innovative version of EA games. Freemium access allows you to have a free alternative to releasing a famous football simulator and other modes offered as shopping for the application in the application (Manager, Tournament and Shutdown) can increase the depthgames, but the default settings still allow you to master a pretty tough task, especially the excellent Ultimate Team and online multiplayer mode. The textbooks are carefully designed and available for every game mode. New touch controls (or mouse) represent a great game for EA andhave significant influential gaming. Personally, I still like to play with virtual joysticks, Japo and still the most loved ones stop enjoying a useful gameplai, but it's just a matter of Geschmacks.Diese publication, as mentioned above, is a simple transfer of versions on Android, iPhoneand Windows Phone. They do not add any additional features that would be welcome with regard to higher performance of the computer or tablet with Windows 8.Nesmotria some void sound effects, animations, and some clumsy rates that the release of FIFA 14 are sometimes slow for sensor devices is verygood and completely free, in the final version of the metro analysis / Modern FIFA 14 is ideal for those who want non-performance using computers, or for those who want to first access the EA simulator. If you are a Hardcore Gamer, you need to have the most advanced and most complete desktop version of the simulatorEA.