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CherryPlayer is an application to stream movies and music from YouTube, offering a number of music streaming services, such as Pandora and Spotify radio, but these services display annoying ads if you do not have a paid subscription. Visit CherryPlayer, easy-to-use music streaming application and without integrating YouTube! (Function {) {('review-app-page-desktop');}); It has a famous CherryPlayer music with huge graphics on the top and popular songs. If you do not see anywhat you want, you can do a search and bring up your playlist. CherryPlayer will even be played in backups that you have on your hard drive. You should drag them to the player, and they will be added to the quality well, but they can vary depending on the song. CherryPlayer also supports viewing and downloading videos from YouTube. CherryPlayer offers quality options when choosing a video that's useful. Unfortunately movies are downloaded as.
FLVs, which does not work with most mobile devices. It would be nice to have some video encoding and audio production at CherryPlayer providing simple music and video, but its interface is full and there is no audio / video converter.